Higher on Heroine

Continuing with the archetypes, I’m adding what some fellow members of my women’s group have chosen for their heroines.

From Nic:

First heroine: “Missy” D., one of the first people I came to know that I would ever be content if I grew up to be like them. She is both a friend and role model. Ms. D. is a high-school arboriculture teacher and industry pioneer, she is among the first female career climbers, and an amazing kindhearted human being. She is unable to safely carry children of her own, but in place of them she is a second mom to countless high school students and took in and raised her sister’s children when they needed her. She comes from a rough childhood, and has raised herself to great heights. Both open minded and hearted, her guidance and acceptance help many young people decide what kind of people it they want to be with every fiber of her being, with the aid of simple motivational quotes posters across her classroom to sharing of her story and enthusiasm.  Gotta share my love for the her.  Who is all of five foot nothing by way, and can lift a man three times her size…. Fun times 😛

Second heroine:  Jo from Little Women. She refused to be boxed in by society’s standards for women, excelling in writing and being “boyish”. Instead of conforming Jo quietly went about being her own person, taking care of her sisters and friends in her own way: anonymously writing stories for a newspaper, cutting off her hair and selling it; playing the man in all of the sisters’ home shows; being blunt and unabashed; not afraid of a little dirt. Jo exemplifies what it means to just be yourself, even down to owning up to her flaws (a temper in her case). She just simply was. She didn’t go about making a show, she just was herself in all her glory every moment regardless of what others might say or think.

Winona Ryder as Jo from Little Women
Winona Ryder as Jo from Little Women

From Tiff:

My first choice for my archetype/hero is Ororo Munroe better known as Storm the mutant who can control all types of weather (and fly) from Marvel X-Men comic books which is not to be confused with the X-Men movie character Storm which in my opinion is an entirely different character. I started reading books and comics from a very young age and Storm was the first character that I could identify with as a black female.

For those of you who don’t know the character here is a quick backstory she was born to an American man and an African woman. While living in Africa with her parents her home was bombed and her family was buried under the rubble. Both her parents died but five year old Storm survived but experienced horrible claustrophobia due to the traumatic experience. Storm did not have her mutant powers yet and became a thief to survive. Fast forward a bit and Storm is being worshiped as a goddess in Africa due to her mutant ability to control the weather. After that she is contacted by Charles Xavier to join the X-men where she would eventually become one of their leaders. Storm has been a pickpocket/thief, Goddess, leader of the X-men (several times), leader of the Morlocks, a Goddess of Thunder, co-leader of X-force, a teacher, and the list goes on.

Storm is a very strong and noble woman who believes in protecting her friends and family. Her powers are quite formidable but she must always pay attention to her emotions because they can directly affect the weather. Storm is not someone who relies on her mutant power to win her battles. In fact one time she won a battle for leadership of the X-Men after her mutant powers were taken away from her. She is a true warrior in both body and mind but also someone who is gentle and kind. In the comics her bedroom looks more like it is a greenhouse. I think that is one of the reason I really loved her as a child. She was so strong to be able to defeat all these big bad male characters and yet she was like a nature spirit and would have chosen not to fight if she did not have to.

I chose Storm because she is an amazing, intelligent, and beautiful black woman. She does not hide her emotions because she has to be more honest with herself and others with her emotions. Otherwise her true feelings would show in the skies above her. She is a strong yet vulnerable character as she still suffers from claustrophobia but she does not let it stop her or define her. The picture I have chosen to go along with this shows some of the many different costumes that Storm has worn over the years.



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