Wiccan Reads: Cunningham’s Book of Shadows


This will be a rather short review since I finished this book quite fast.  It was a much quicker read than expected, given how many pages are in the book.  I admit I skimmed over about 1/3 of the material as most of it is a reference guide.  The editors made a note stating they had taken excerpts from Scott’s other books and inserted them into the manuscript.

If anything, I’d say this book is really a scrap book of Scott’s other reference books.  There is no wrong way to write a Book of Shadows, since it’s one’s own.  He probably started off with his grimoire then delved deeper into each subject by writing a separate book for each.  That in mind, there’s not really any subject matter to summarize.  My recommendation is to read this Book of Shadows, then if you want to learn more about a particular aspect, read Scott’s more in-depth work on the subject.  Trust me.  He’ll have written one on anything he mentions in his grimoire.  Runes, herbs, spells, divination, rituals, etc.

This book is good for die-hard Cunningham fans and maybe those that are new to the craft.  I haven’t read too much by Mr. Cunningham so a lot of this information was new to me.  It felt more poetic and personal than his other works…Like a more uninhibited culmination of Scott rather than his polite, formal, stick-to-the-subject books.

Despite what I said about not summarizing anything, I will end the review on this little tidbit:

Petitioning to the gods & goddesses involves indicating your desire on paper, placing the appropriate herb in the paper, wrapping it up, and throwing it into a fire.


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