Magickal Arts: The Spiral Dance

What up, witches!

I’m gracing you with two videos in a row for this series!  Aren’t you lucky?  This time the video stars me.  J  I performed my very first belly dance solo at my University’s 2nd annual belly dance festival.  Belly dancing has been such a new and liberating outlet for me to express myself, even spiritually.  Upon joining the belly dance club at school, I started to see how much of an overlap there is between belly dancers and pagans.  I wanted my first solo to combine my two passions that I’ve thrown myself into head first, since becoming a student here at UMass.  So, what better song to choreograph to than “Spiral” by Godsmack?  The song is very symbolic for me.  First of all, Godsmack frontman, Sully Erna, is a practicing witch and wrote the song under the influence of paganism.  They’re also from Massachusetts.  My friends in SPIRALS made it our unofficial theme song!  Hope you like my performance…I admit my arms are a little awkward but I’m getting better.  I will say my hips are already going pro! 😉

Sometimes we only live for the here and now

Sometimes we’re lonely, Sometimes we feel we need a place to be grounded

Or fly away again

I will fly away again, oh

I will fly away again

Why are we feeling something’s familiar around us?

Are we just dreaming? Always we search for the answers but nothing is found

We’ll fly away again

I feel rain pouring down

I wait to

rot away

Live again

Here forever

The spiral never ends!

Action shots!

11038690_741377919312889_8838978755145579481_n 11152348_741377869312894_6685744303752435453_n 11169801_741377872646227_5188301758713974006_n


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