Magickal Arts: It’s Britney, Witch!

For my first Magickal Arts entry, I’m quite excited to kick it off with an entity I have a strong affinity for:  Britney Spears!  OK, now before you go unsubscribing and cease to take me seriously as a witch (or a human being, in general) just hear me out.  I’ll start with a little bit of background info…

“Touch of My Hand” is a song Britney Spears co-wrote for one of her albums.  She wrote it about masturbation, but it was done quite tastefully.  I think it was pretty brave of her to write and sing about something that is extremely personal and in a celebratory fashion.  She left herself incredibly open and vulnerable by choosing to express that side of herself and sharing something we all have in common.  It was recorded 12 years ago, and I think Britney was in a really good place of introspection when she wrote it.

Instead of the original inspiration for the song, I choose to associate it to my own personal practice and belief of paganism.  People learn a lot about themselves through their faiths (and masturbation, I suppose) and I think that’s the main idea of the song:  Self-discovery.  All of the lyrics to this piece I apply as a metaphor for how I practice witchcraft.  Regardless of how you choose to interpret this song, it’s still a powerful method of expression.

Hope you enjoy the song!  I picked this video because the picture suits the mood better than the lyric videos.  I’ve transcribed the lyrics below:

I’m not ashamed of the things that I dream
I find myself flirting with the verge of obscene
Into the unknown, I will be bold
I’m going to places I can be out of control

And I don’t want to explain tonight
All the things I’ve tried to hide
I shut myself out from the world so I
Can draw the blinds

and I’ll teach myself to fly

I love myself, It’s not a sin
I can’t control what’s happenin’

‘Cause I just discovered
Imagination’s taking over
Another day without a lover
The more I come to understand
The touch of my hand

From the small of my back and the arch of my feet
Lately I’ve been noticin’ the beautiful me
I’m all in my skin and I’m not gonna wait
I’m into myself in the most precious way

There’s a world undefined
In my body and mind
I won’t be left behind
I’m all




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