Something Wiccan this Way Comes

I am very pleased to say, I think I’ll have more frequent posts in the next year & a half!  I got on my broomstick and flew out west to attend University of Massachusetts Amherst.  Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let me major in Witchcraft so I settled on Anthropology instead.  Although, I have to say, being out this far into nature is a pagan’s dream.  The only things I miss about living near the city (besides my friends and family) is the ocean and being close to Salem.  I chose UMA Amherst because they have classes with witchcraft in the title.  Haven’t taken any, yet, but you betcha I’ll dedicate a post to those classes as soon as I attend one!

Anyway, I figured a school that offers courses about witchcraft surely has to have some student organization centered on pagan spirituality.  It was a hard search but the archer in me found them and now I’m pleased to say I’m a member of SPIRALS, the pagan club at UMAA.  <|:^)  Don’t ask me what SPIRALS stands for, ’cause I haven’t investigated that, yet.  I CAN say they are some of the nicest, funniest, coolest people to be around and it seems there is somewhat of an emphasis on Reiki.  All I knew of Reiki before was that is a spiritual healing method…I now know it’s also Japanese and deals with Chakras.

Being an archer.  Yes, I also joined the archery club 🙂

The group invited me to an Imbolc ritual this past Sunday night which started off with some of us piling (literally) into the back of a fellow member’s car where I met someone with an interesting name.  I asked what her name meant and boy, did I get educated.  Her name belong’s to the wife of Yahweh.  I had no idea Yahweh had a wife.  As I asked her more questions, I learned that all the names for God (Yahweh, Jehovah/Iovah/howeverthehellyouspellit) were all different gods that were meshed together to create the Xtian “God” as we are all familiar with.  She explained the early Canaanites were polytheistic, like everyone else.

Without going into too much detail, the ritual was held at a property almost identical to the house I used to go to rituals at in FL.  I had previously discussed the pagan children’s book series, Rupert’s Tales, with the host at a SPIRALS meeting and he let me take a look at them once I arrived to the ritual.  I mentioned to him that I knew the author as she is from the same pagan group that I was part of in FL and told him all about the crazy pink-haired woman that lived in the Disney house you can see from space and how I had taken my youngest brother to her child-friendly pagan events she held right in her own front yard.  The host said Rupert’s Tales are his kids’ favorite books.

Rupert's Tales by Kyrja Withers and Tonia Bennington Osborn
Rupert’s Tales by Kyrja and Tonia Bennington Osborn

Also at the ritual, I got to meet even more wise-cracking, out-of-the-box thinkers and I hope I cross paths with them again very soon.  As far as the vibe goes, the energy from the people felt more reserved than us southern witches and our hootenannies 😉  Perhaps it was because of the cold, perhaps because I had just met these people, or perhaps because New Englanders are just plain less touchy-feely (physically and psychologically).  The night ended with some of the people telling the rest of us stories about their crazy pagan adventures years ago and a thought-provoking song about right and wrong from the internet.  I felt a sense of camaraderie by the time I returned home and I can’t wait to do this all again with these people!

Life’s a Witch, then you Fly

**Both photos courtesy of me

Rupert’s Tales
Tonia Bennington Osborn


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