A Witch by Any Other Name

Sounds pretty cool!  I looked up the word “witch” in several different languages and they say a lot about how witches are/were perceived throughout the globe.  Many of these words don’t mean exactly “witch” as the English-speaking world knows it.  However, when Googled, these are the words used to work with.  😛  I am not claiming these are precisely accurate, so if you see a mistake, feel free to correct it <|:^)

Aje (Yoruban) as in “mother”
Bruha (Tagalog) curiously only used by women in the Philippines
Bruja (Spanish)
Bruju (Quechuan) a language spoken by the native Peruvians
Bruxa (Portuguese)
Cadi (Turkish) also a name for muslim judges
Cailleach (Irish) name of a divine creatrix hag, also means “hag” in modern Scotch
Cardy (Slovakian)
Carlin (Scotch) also means “old woman”
Cuniyakkari (Tamil)
Czarownica (Polish)
Dayana (Hindi)
Gwrach (Welsh) can also mean “hag”
Haxa (Swedish) or “ugly woman”
Heks (Afrikaans/Danish/Dutch/Norwegian) used interchangeably with “bitch” in Dutch
Hex (Luxembourgish)
Hexe (German) probably means “hag” based on the origin of the word
Kahuna (Hawaiian) also defined as priest, sorcerer, magician, wizard, minister, expert in any profession
Kakhard (Armenian)
Majo (Japanese) a bad witch
Machashaifeh (Yiddish)
Mchawi (Swahili) or an ugly/unpleasant woman
Mekhashefa (Hebrew) or “sorceress”
Noita (Finnish) derived from an old Sami word for “shaman”
Pharmakeion (Greek) ancient word that has evolved from “witch” to “charm” to “drug” to “medicine”
Phu Thuy (Vietnamese)
Ragana (Lithuanian) Goddess of herbal healing
Saga (Latin) like a wise-woman/fortune-teller [also the Norse word for “story”]
Sahera (Arabic) or “sorceress”
Shtriga (Albanian) a vampiric witch who feeds from children’s blood @ night, then turns into an insect
Sorciere (French) or “Sorceress”
Sosye (Creole) or “sorcerer”
Strega (Italian/Maltese)
Stria (Romansh) [Romansh is little-used language in Switzerland]
Tsigili (Tsalagi) also “horned owl” [Tsalagi is the language of the Cherokee]
Ved’ma (Russian) ved means “to know”
Vesterka (Macedonian)
Vestica (Serbian) also “sorceress” or “hag”
Vid’ma (Ukrainian)
Viedzma (Belarusian)
Vjestica (Croatian) or “conniving, ill-intentioned, bitter, secretive, and odd woman”
Wadjet (Ancient Egyptian) a water goddess
Wicca (Old English) from the Swedish “vicka” meaning “to move to & fro”
Witch (Modern English) from Old English “wicca”
Wupo (Chinese) also “female shaman” or “sorceress”

Brujeria (Spanish)
Bruxaria (Portuguese)
Buyuculuk (Turkish)
Chaklunstvo (Ukrainian)
Czary (Polish)
Dewiniaeth (Welsh)
Hekseri (Dutch)
Hekserij (Danish)
Heksekunst (Norwegian)
Jadu tona (Hindi)
Koldovstvo (Russian)
Kuzelnictvo (Slovakian)
Ma Thuat (Vietnamese)
Majutsu (Japanese)
Medicine (Irish)
Pangkukulam (Tagalog)
Pharmakia (Greek)
Raganavimas (Lithuanian)
Sihr (Arabic)
Sorcellarie (French)
Stregheria (Italian/Maltese)
Streia (Romansh)
Toordery (Afrikaans)
Trolldom (Swedish)
Uchawi (Swahili)
Viadzmarstva (Belarusian)
Vracanje (Croatian/Serbian)
Wiccacraeft (Old English)
Witchcraft (Modern English)
Zauberei (German)


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