Wiccan Reads: “I feel the snake bite enter my veins”

I finally got my Art History textbook last night, and just on the 2nd page I see a picture of a painting that sparks the wheels in my head.

“Western Arnhem Land, Australia. Appearing in Australia as early as 6000 BCE, images of the Rainbow Serpent play a role in rituals and legends of the creation of human beings, the generation of rains, storms, and floods, and the reproductive power of nature and people.” — Art History Vol. 1, 4th Ed.

I’m suddenly reminded of The Serpent and the Rainbow (more specifically the reason WHY it’s called “the serpent and the rainbow”).  The Origin myth of Haiti is as follows:

“In the beginning, it is said, there was only the Great Serpent, whose seven thousand coils lay beneath the earth…. Within its layered skin, the Serpent retained the spring of eternal life, and from the zenith it let go the waters that filled the rivers up on which the people would nurse. As the water struck the earth, the Rainbow arose, and the Serpent took her as his wife. Their love entwined them in a cosmic helix that arched across the heavens. In time their fusion gave birth to the spirit that animates blood. Women learned to filter this divine substance through their breasts to produce milk, just as men passed it through their testes to create semen. The Serpent and the Rainbow instructed women to remember these blessing once each month, and they taugh men to dam the flow so that the belly might swell and bring forth new life.” —  The Serpent and the Rainbow

That causes me to think of the Elder Edda and the poem predicting Ragnarok:

“Jomungandr, the gigantic sea serpent that encircles the earth under water, then rises above the surface and is slain by Thor. Jomungandr’s collapse makes waves (literally) which cause the earth to sink under.” —  Voluspa

So with that in mind, I continue reading my textbook and I come across this sentence:

“Based on archaeological evidence, it is now clear that modern humans spread from Africa across Asia , into Europe, and finally to Australia and the Americas.” —  Art History Vol. 1, 4th Ed.

Which again causes a memory link to a passage I read in Essential Asatru.  I don’t remember the exact words, but I do remember the author talked about an “African Eve” which we are all descendants of.

Long story short;  I’m not sure what this all means, but it’s all connected and I feel like I just found a missing piece of a puzzle…


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