Swept Away by the Faery Festival

Back so soon! I had an unexpected outing this weekend to the North Shore. I was in Salem, but only for about 5 minutes as we were just driving through on the way home. This time I went Wenham, MA as my aunt found out about a Faery Festival taking place at their local museum. The event is sponsored by Underwood Photography and it got so huge, they couldn’t accommodate all the attendants at their studio, anymore. We got there an hour before they were closing up, but it didn’t hinder the experience.

The Bad-Ass Fairy and her Faerie Godmother

We got my cousin all dressed up in a fantastic dress made by her aunt. (I have to say, I wish I had one that was my size). I toned my dress down a bit, since we were going to see my uncle’s boss right after. I still managed to put a li’l faerie dust in my appearance, though. 😉 And since I’m the faerie godmother, I paid admission for my cousin. <|:^)

flying saucer invasion

So we started out by entering the museum for the tea party . They had cupcakes and “tea” (watered-down pink lemonade) which was rather delightful. Some cute li’l fairy princess poured the tea for us while my cousin decided to take off and crawl across the tables toward the open door (I told my aunt the faeries were calling to her).

Underwood Photography had 2 photo-set-ups for the kids. You could have your kid dress up as a fairy and get a professional portrait taken by them later to be mailed to you and possibly order more via their website. I liked the set-up that required the kid to sit on a giant mushroom, personally. My cousin got her picture taken on the cobblestone platform with flowers and giant butterflies behind her.

recognize the unicorn?

Costumes were provided by UP in a tent. They had everything imaginable from flower headbands and leaf hats to wings, dresses and veils. Even some earthy vests and pants for boys, too. I found a boy in the tent who had the coolest costume, besides my cousin. 😉 He looked like one of the Never Neverland boys. He had an elfin hat with leaves hanging around the hem and a leaf-pattern shirt and cut-off pants (for that spritely look). Also, he was wearing an earthy vest with leaves attached to it here and there and even a pair of fairy wings (He somehow made it look masculine, though.) I tried to get my aunt to take a picture of but she said we’d have to get permission from his parents, and I suppose she’s right…Don’t wanna be breaking any laws. I did compliment his outfit and said whoever made did a great job. He pointed to the little girl he was helping assemble wings on and she smiled at me. These kids had to be no older than 10 years of age. I was pretty impressed!

costume tent

After the pictures were taken we checked out the craft tables. 1 table was for making flower pens. You know, the kind you always saw on your elementary school teacher’s desk. The other table was for making little faerie figurines out of what looked like wood. There were random scraps of sparkly tulle and lace and other shimmery fabrics.

My FAEvorite part was the faery village they made in the corner of the museum property. Someone had gathered twigs, pinecones, acorns and leaves and set-up little abodes for the little-folk. They also wrote “WELCOME” in the dirt right front of the entrance to 1 of the houses. I love that idea! It’s cheaper than buying a welcome mat, no 1 can steal it, and it’s perfect for us earth-y types. 😉

At the end we checked out the gift shop of the museum and they were selling a few signed copies of the Fairy House Handbook. I thought about buying one, but I figured my cousin would just end up trying to eat it, so maybe I’ll reconsider when she’s older.

This is a good event for pagan and non-pagan parents to bring their kids to. This festival is great for little girls (and boys with kick-ass sprite costumes :P). I’d say it’s more fairy than fae, but I could see it growing overtime to include the fae more and more. This festival has great potential and Underwood Photography has some really creative ideas and I hope they go far.

**Photos 1,3 & 4 courtesy of Anne Hutchinson
**Photo 2 property of Underwood Photography


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