An evening in Salem

Wednesday night I was invited to a tarot card gathering in Salem by Dark Moon Tarot.  Since I arrived half an hour early, I decided to do some exploring around Witch City.  I went to the Museum Place Mall which has some cool shops but most aren’t open after 6 on weekdays.  There’s a haunted house that was still open, but who wants to go in 1 of those by themselves?

I wandered into an empty room with pagan-y music playing that had tables and chairs set up for couples.  The other side of the room opened up into a pagan supply store.  The store was also empty, so I wasn’t sure if they were closing or not, but then a man appeared and asked if I needed help finding anything.  I was looking for oil (specifically fairy oil since my last bottle spilled over the inside of my makeup bag).  I bought some oil (for 25$ a vial, mind you) and the man handed me a flyer, asking me to visit their sister shop.  The shop I was in was called Omen Psychic Parlor & Witchcraft Emporium.

Omen Psychic Parlor & Witchcraft Emporium

The flyer he handed me was for Hex Old World Witchery…I knew about Hex.  It’s owned by man calling himself a warlock, named Christian Day.  I don’t plan on ever shopping at Hex because I’ve been warned of him.  First of all, the fact that he calls himself a warlock should be a red flag right there.  As far as Omen goes, I wouldn’t say my experience was bad, but the man (who might actually be Christian Day) was definitely a salesman.  And the only reason I allowed myself to spend 25$ on a small vial of oil is because I didn’t want to stray too far from the tarot meetup and it was the first shop I found, nearby.  Omen doesn’t have quite as much inventory as other pagan shops, and I’m not claiming to be an expert but a lot of their stuff is more commercial and less…true?  I noticed they had books and CDs by Fiona Horne.  I’d seen Fiona on the Tyra Show and Mad Mad House on SciFi.  She looks like a Bret Michaels groupie.  I’m tempted to buy her book  out of pure curiosity but I doubt she’ll have anything useful in it.  I tried to find her music on youtube but was unsuccessful.  If I’m ever back in Omen, I might just buy the CD so I have some pagan music to listen to, other than Loreena McKennitt and Spiral Rhythm.

Anyway, I headed back to the restaurant where the tarot meetup was being held.  It’s called 43 Church St. at The Old Lyceum or Lyceum Hall…I’m still not sure how the hall works or what it’s known for.  There is a plaque on the wall outside of 43 Church saying Alexander Graham Bell held the first public demonstration of a telephone at that site on 2/12/1877…Wicked.

43 Church St. at the Old Lyceum Hall

43 Church is a nice, fancy-schmancy restaurant with that old, haunting, New England charm.  The servers were very accommodating.  The food was decent enough, I guess.  I noticed they didn’t offer a lot of “healthier alternatives” which is strange for Massachusetts.  Of course, they’re on the pricier side.

Dark Moon Tarot

So, I met Kris and Kelly of Dark Moon Tarot in the back room.  They were very nice and explained how the whole thing worked.  We were going to eat first (duh) then people would split up into groups and read each other’s cards.  Kris said if any of us wanted her or Kelly to read their cards, we just grab them and take a seat.  Kelly read me some cards of her own.  I’m not gonna say what the reading was, ’cause it’s not really  going to be interesting to anyone but me, but I will say it was informative and it answered some questions I had and helped me relax a little bit about where I’m going in life.  Kelly’s very good.

Kelly gives us some scandalous insight!

We were encouraged to use our own tarot cards.  I had gone out to a metaphysical shop over the weekend and bought some, so I could be at the meetup, prepared.

This is the deck i used

After I played around with the tarot, I started talking to Sherry (I may have misspelled that) who runs Paranormal Salem, a paranormal investigation team that also gives tours of paranormal Salem.  They had their equipment out and Sherry explained what one of the gadgets does.  I forget what it’s called, but from my understanding it filters out background noise so all you can hear on it is the spirit.  She also said a lot of debunking has to be done to ensure they really have a spirit.  I learned from her that there are basically 2 types of spirits:  residual and intelligent.  A residual spirit is kind of trapped in their own world.  They are constantly repeating the same thing in the same place over and over again, pretty much until the world ends.  They don’t see us or hear us and will never leave.  An intelligent spirit is not doing any of that.  They can see and hear us and want to be seen/heard.  They have a chance of moving on and/or leaving.

Paranormal Salem

…I had a friend that could see spirits.  She told me some of them would be repeating the same action over and over again…When I die, I just hope that’s not me.  I want to move on from whatever happens…

Lucky me!  I won a free Paranormal Salem tour in the drawing they held.  They told me to call them anytime and let them know I’m coming.  Can’t wait to blog about THAT! 🙂

**Disclaimer–NONE of these photos belong to me. They were found on Google or the companies’ respective websites. Even though I am in 1 of the photographs, it was not taken by me, or with my camera. That photo belongs to Dark Moon Tarot.


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