The Fairy Shop

Since I’m on the subject of faerie shops I HAVE to talk about a shop more local to where I live. This one has a very simple name:  The Fairy Shop

I wouldn’t call this a pagan shop, necessarily.   The most pagan thing he sells here is some pouches of dried lavender.  It definitely feels like it could go that direction, though.  Like a pagan shop for little kids.  The owner has all kinds of fairy (obviously), mushroom, mermaid, gnome and unicorn items.  Interestingly, he also sells a lot of Alice in Wonderland stuff.  This is a good place to go for fairy/mermaid jewelry, a crap-load of fairy dust…and stuffed unicorns.  About 1/4 of his inventory is stuffed unicorns.

My cousin with the Fairy Shop’s stuffed unicorn. Given to her by her faerie godmother 😉

The Fairy Shop is located on Newbury St. in Boston, MA.  I was surprised to learn it’s been open for 18 years over there, considering how small it is (maybe 10 sq/ft).  I was on Newbury St for the first time in years and saw the shop’s tiny little sign during a time when my glasses were broken…and it was Litha, of all days!  Coincidence?  Fate?  I’ll let you be the judge.

I still stand by what I said about this not being a pagan shop.  However, there are inklings…For example the earthy colored pencils and woodlandy little journals “crafted by the gnomes”, fairy doors, and Lord of the Rings merchandise made me feel a little closer to home with paganism.  Other than jewelry and unicorns, the store is best-suited for a young child’s first brush with the metaphysical.  It’s there if the child wants to find it…they may just have to look closely.  Since it’s more mainstream-fairy rather than pagan-faerie (like Enchanted Hollow, for instance) it’s a hit with the tourists and Boston vacationers.  Like Enchanted Hollow, it has a magical feel, but less mischievous and more mysterious and fairy-tale-ish.  The music in the shop is a nice touch.  The owner takes care to specially gift-wrap everything in the lavender pouches that have dried rose-buds mixed with them and, of course, fairy dust.

Bye Bye Fairy Shop

I’m happy to say that the Fairy Shop’s website is almost as accommodating as the physical store, itself.  You can find a lot of what is sold in the store on the website, as well.

**Disclaimer:  The first and third photos are copyright The Fairy Shop.  The second and last photos are mine.


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