Enchanted Hollow

Since I’m writing reviews for all things pagan, I was recently inspired to write a review of pagan shops.  I just got back from vacationing in rural (I’m talking mountains and farmland) Pennsylvania.  I first visited PA 6 years ago and my aunt brought me to a faerie shop she found.  I had unknowingly walked into my first pagan shop.  At the time, I hadn’t quite realized I was pagan, but it still had a profound effect on me.  I was fortunate enough to revisit the shop (at it’s new location) just a few days ago.

official image for their business card

When I first walked into Enchanted Hollow, I wanted to live there. 😛  My aunt knew I was developing quite a fondness for faeries and bought me an Amy Brown painting from the shop.  I had never heard of Amy Brown until then.  The building was a 2-story stand-alone shop and every inch of it was decorated with herbs, glitter, faeries, butterflies, mushrooms and other fantastical creatures (gnomes, goblins, unicorns, etc.)  The owner, Willow (self-proclaimed faerie queen), had done a real bang-up job with the place.  I wish I still had the picture of me sitting in the window seat on the 2nd floor, but unfortunately, I lost all of my pictures when my computer screen broke.  At the time I didn’t notice any pagan paraphernalia.  Perhaps because I was not yet coming into my paganism, and didn’t know what any of the symbols meant…It all must have gone right over my head.  I remember I bought a faerie dress and a lacey, spider-web “robe”.  The clothes still smell like the herbs and incense that permeate metaphysical shops (you know what I’m talking about).  Willow introduced me to her magic cat, Luna Kat.  I’ve met her twice now, and the only thing she’s done in my presence is nap on her scratching post. 😛

In the last 6 years, Willow has sold the original building and relocated twice.  Unfortunately, her new shop is much smaller than the original so I’m guessing that means she hasn’t had as much business.  Also, I’ve had some new additions to my family and I was able to bring my 11-month-old cousin.  I told Willow I’m her faerie godmother and she said “Well you need some faerie dust!”  She had some open glitter on her counter which she let me sprinkle all over my cousin and myself.   This time around, I saw the pagan gear.  She had of course faeries and mermaids and what have you, but also pentacle and triple goddess jewelry, incense, candles, tarot cards, witchy/pagan books.  I even noticeed some halloween-esque plaques and black crows (which my grandmother took a liking to…Closet pagan?  I sure hope so!)  Either I must have seriously not been paying attention before or she wasn’t carrying all that stuff in her earlier years.  Willow was gushing over how precious my cousin was and loved the fact that I’m her faerie godmother.  As we were leaving, my cousin waved to her and I could tell it made Willow’s day.  Oh, and she now has a guest book, which I signed 🙂

Store front

I’d say this store has a special place in my heart.  OK, so just about all the pagan shops have a special place in my heart, but this was the first 1 I ever went into and I didn’t even know it at the time!…Yes, it was meant to be, I know.  😉  If you’re ever visting Wellsboro, PA or a nearby town, definitely give this place a visit!  It has all your typical pagan supplies with a large emphasis of faeries (obviously).  Willow is a very nice woman, and Luna totally adds to the atmosphere!  Willow has a LOT of different stuff in the store so you won’t go home empty-handed…You can barely walk through the store, she’s got so many items on display.  If I was a PA citizens, this would be my go-to store in a pagan emergency.  Not only is it well-stocked, it is inFUSED with faerie magic…you can like…smell the glitter in the air!  You can feel it as soon as you open the door.

Enchanted Hollow does have a website, but it’s rather lacking as far as online stores go.  I think she only has blessing kits in the online store.  Luckily, she says she will ship any item anywhere in the US.  She offers the store phone number to inquire of the inventory and how to have it delivered.

I liked the shop so much, I went back in later and my grandmother bought me this necklace…

got fairy?

**Disclaimer:  All photos excluding the very last one are copyright Enchanted Hollow.  The last photo is mine.


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