I am Pagan

1325–75; Middle English  < Medieval Latin, Late Latin pāgānus ‘worshiper of false
gods’, orig. ‘civilian’ (i.e., not a soldier ofChrist), Latin:  ‘peasant’, noun use of
pāgānus  ‘rural, civilian’,derivative of pāgus  ‘village, rural district’ (akin to
pangere  ‘to fix,make fast’)
(courtesy of dictionary.com)
Pagan (as you can see) comes from a Latin term meaning “rustic” or country-dweller”.  The Latins were talking about people that did not live in the city and lived off the land (hunters, farmers, etc.)  They recognized that the all-powerful comes from the earth and all its creatures.  This includes humans.  Because we are of the earth, we possess the earth’s power, in conjunction.  To me, that’s pagan, in a nutshell.

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